Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Seminole Pumpkin: Florida Native Heirloom Variety

It’s time to buy your heirloom Seminole Pumpkin. It is a Florida native variety pumpkin that was cultivated and eaten by Seminole Indians before Florida was a state. It is an adaptive gourd that grows equally well in heat, wet or drought conditions.
Florida native heirloom Seminole Pumpkin, Fla.
Commercial growing of it went out of fashion for awhile. Renewed interest from Slow Food groups and farmers has brought it back into popularity.

The pumpkins vary in color from dull orange to yellow to green, and vary in size from one pound to 12. They have a thick outer skin that helps them store well at room temperature for months, and a shape that resembles winter varieties. They are slightly hallow inside. And have many seeds and a dense, slightly sweet, orange colored flesh. They go well any dish and make really good pie.

More and more farms each year are growing these tasty Florida gourds. Kai KaiFarm grows and sell the pumpkins at the Sunday morning Gardens Summer GreenMarket, in Palm Beach Gardens.

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