Friday, August 2, 2013

The Hyppo Artisan Ice Pops, St. Augustine, Fla.

St. Augustine, Fla—The Hyppo Artisan Ice Pops sources ingredients from local farms around St. Augustine. This pop company, open only four years, is so popular it already has four stores. "We started out sourcing from farmers markets but now we are large enough to source directly from farms," said owner Stephen DiMare.
Stephen DiMare owner of The Hyppo Artisan Ice Pops, St. Augustine, Fla.
St. Augustine born DiMare got the idea for the frozen pop store from a woman on a flight back from Montana. He wanted to open a coffee shop and she suggested a gourmet Popsicle shop.  "My mind started running on the idea of opening up a store with unusual ingredients," said DiMare.

The recession helped him find an affordable shop with a kitchen in downtown historic St. Augustine. And hard work along with help from his family and friends allowed The Hyppo to find success quickly. "St. Augustine was very supportive," said DiMare. In three weeks the company was cash solvent.

He created his pops after the Mexican paletas style that uses a little stick and unusual ingredients. And he has unusual flavors like Sangria plum, guava hibiscus, strawberry basil, prickly pear, blueberry cinnamon, mamey, and carrot ginger.

There are no artificial dyes in his pops so all the color comes from his ingredients. "I chop the fruit, add water, put it in a blender, and freeze it," said DiMare. He also occasionally adds honey from a Jacksonville Apiary.

In the future he hopes to open more stores but he wants them to be a place that supports more than seasonal jobs. "My mark of success will be how many people make a career out of here," he said waving his arm around to indicate the shop.

If The Hyppo Artisan Ice Pops keeps supporting local farmers and putting together delicious seasonal Florida pops I can see it creating a lot of career opportunities for St. Augustine.

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