Friday, October 18, 2013

Oystertini Anyone? Nebo Lodge, North Haven Maine Style

North Haven Island, Maine--Nebo Lodge Inn really likes to embrace local ingredients. They are a Bed & Breakfast Inn located on an island 12-miles out at sea. They also have a farm-to-table restaurant that sources ingredients from local farms and fisheries.

Bartender at Nebo Lodge Inn preparing Oystertini with North Haven
Island oyster, Maine

They especially like to use local items in their cocktails like North Haven oysters.

I got to try one of these North Haven Oystertinis during a recent visit to Nebo. The bartender made a point to stir not shake the chilled vodka and vermouth together before pouring it into a glass. Then she carefully prided open a fresh oyster and slid it gently into the cold martini.

Its slimy texture quickly firmed up as it was cooked ceviche style by the Maine Cold River vodka. This changed the flavor of the bivalve shellfish and made it a bit bitter.

If you want to try this drink or others like it hurry to Nebo Lodge before they close for the season.

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