Monday, December 9, 2013

The Short Chef, Miami, Florida: Fighting Obesity

Miami-Dade, Fla.--The Short Chef's motto is 'Fighting Obesity 1 Family At A Time.' His real name is Ray Newlands and he was one of the first chefs to join the First Lady's, Let's Move Program, in 2010.
The Short Chef at 17th Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami-Dade, Fla.
"I do a salad in a swimming pool and have buckets of vegetables," said Newlands at an interview during the 17th Americas Food & Beverage Show in Miami, Florida. "Then I get kids to pour in vegetable buckets." He stirs the vegetables with an oar to add to the fun of the experience.

He started his signature dish five years ago at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden Edible Garden event. He was invited to provide a salad to a group of children. Pulling from his experiences in New Orleans where crawfish are served in plastic swimming pools, he devised a way to serve salad in a style that would engage children. The style was a huge success and every child that helped with the salad preparation ate every bit of it.

"Now I'm doing a pool of pasta with some vegetables," said Newlands with a smile, "It's all about presentation because I cook for kids."

Newlands started his "Short Chef," persona in 2005 after he had a heart attack and realized he needed to change to a healthier eating style and educate children about eating healthier. The 'Short' part of his persona's name reflects his dressing style, he always wears shorts.

He teaches nine enrichment classes for kids in Miami-Dade County, Fla., and has a very informative website 

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