Thursday, March 27, 2014

Florida Chicken: Organic Pasture Raised Meat

Florida--It can be scary buying chicken for dinner. There has been a lot of controversy about how the birds are raised and processed. Should you go organic or cage-free or free-range or pasture-raised? And what do all these terms mean? The best way to get your answers is to buy the chicken from the farmer that raised it.
Tracy Lee Farm Florida raised organic pasture raised chicken, with Sem-chi Florida
grown Jasmine-style white rice and QV Farms grown yellow squash,
South Florida, 2014 Copyright by Helen A Lockey
But if you live in South Florida this can be hard because there are very few chicken ranches.

So the next best thing is to buy from someone who knows the farmers of the ranches raising healthy birds. One such person is Robert Farriss of Farriss Farm.

He and his wife Paula travel to Central Florida, where the chicken ranches are located, several times a week to get chicken from farmers they know personally. This means they can answer any chicken questions you may have.

I bought some Tracey Lee Farms LLC organic pasture-raised chicken from Farriss Farm last week at the Sunday morning Palm Beach Gardens Green Market.

I slow cooked it with some soy sauce and served it with boiled, Florida grown Sem-Chi, Jasmine style, white rice seasoned with home-grown rosemary.

I also sliced and steamed some QV Farms Florida grown yellow squash. The combo of all of these Florida grown foods was delicious.

You can buy Sem-Chi rice at any South Florida Winn Dixie Supermarket under their own Winn Dixie label.

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