Friday, December 23, 2011

Union Square Holiday Market 2011: A Floridian's Review

Wrapped up like an Arctic-bound snow woman, I bumped and pushed my way through a bleary-eyed throng of people at the Union Square Holiday Market, in New York City, on Saturday morning. I was there to find some locally made treats.

It was 30-something degrees, when I arrived and I needed something hot and caffeinated.  I came across Dallis Bros. Coffee, based in Ozone Park, N.Y. and established in 1913. I bought a festive Cappuccino topped with decorative holiday foam.

Dallis Bros. Coffee booth

Next, I needed some cookies to go with my coffee. So, I bounced my way to Rubyzaar Baked of Brooklyn, for some Kashmir cookies made with earl grey tea, smoked almonds, and dark chocolate.

Rubyzaar Baked booth

Chomping on a cookie the size of my face, I walked slowly toward another booth with an interesting name: Liddabit Sweets also based in Brooklyn. They had bags of home-made caramels with ingredients like ricotta cheese. I bought a bag of fig-ricotta caramels and a bag of apple cider caramels with real pieces of apple in them

Liddabit Sweets booth

Then I realized apples and coffee don't mix. I needed another drink to go with them.  I bumped my way down another crowded isle to Breezy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill's booth for a hot cup of apple cider.

Breezy Hill Orchard and Cider Mill booth

Sipping the sweet, tart beverage I realized the cider needed a little gingerbread to help improve the flavor. And Breezy Hill had a huge selection. I bought a cellophane bag of six little men, neatly tied with a yellow ribbon.

Gingerbread at Breezy Hill Orchard

Once all my sweet treats were consumed I needed a pallette cleanzer of dark chocolate. I rolled down another isle and bumped into Raaka, a vegan, stone-ground, nut-free, gluten-free, virgin-chocolate company based in Brooklyn, N. Y.

A very friendly attendant, named Catherine, fed me delicious samples of her chocolate. My favorite was the Bourbon cask aged bars. She said the raw chocolate nibs were aged in Bourbon barrels before being ground up and made into bars. She added the reason the chocolate was called virgin was the nibs were never roasted, so they retained all their flavors. I bought four mini bars of chocolate.

Catherine at Raaka Chocolate Company booth

After my experience at the market I understood why New Yorkers walked so much. It was to burn off all the calories from the delicious foods created in the city.

The Holiday market is held from November 18th to Dec 24th. So there are only two days left this year to taste the delicacies.
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