Monday, July 9, 2012

Davidson Farmers' Market, NC: Gourmet Food Source

The Davidson Farmers' Market, North Carolina, sells local gourmet food. I bought Lion's Mane Mushrooms, uncured garlic, and creamy, French-style, pasteurized farmstead cheese. 

Cris Herron holding a Lion's Mane mushroom, Davidson
Farmers' market, Davidson, N.C.

Cris Herron of Cris's Culinary Creations sells woodland mushrooms like Lion's Mane ($3 each) and Shiitaki. Herron says the Lion's Mane tastes like lobster when cooked.

I asked if there were any special handling instructions for the Lion's Mane. She said there were holes in the plastic wrap covering the mushroom so it could breath. And she added, "remove it from the paper carrying bag as quick as possible so it does not suffocate."

She grows all her mushrooms on plastic in the basement of an old cotton mill. She also sells potted herbs, wild blackberries, and edible arrangements.

Uncured garlic at Coldwater Creek Farms booth, Davidson
Farmers' Market, Davidson, NC

Coldwater Creek Farms, organic, has some crispy textured uncured garlic for sale. Uncured garlic means it has been picked straight from the field without aging. It has a crsip apple like texture and a strong.

Crackelberry Farmstead cheese at Coldwater Creek
Farms booth, Davidson Farmers' Market, Davidson, NC

They also have a gorgeously delicious pasteurized farmstead cheese from Crackelberry Farms Dairy, selling for $12 a pound.

The cheese is aged 60-days on the same dairy farm where the milk is collected. It has a creamy texture that melts a bit when left out. And a flavor that is both tangy, nutty, sweet, and pungent at the same time. I love the rind.

Cured garlic at Barbee Farm booth,  Davidson Farmers'
Market, Davidson, NC

I stopped by one of my favorite North Carolina farmer stall--Barbee Farms. I bought some cured garlic, extremely juicy Damson plums, and a melon that was so sweet and delicious I wished I had bought two.

I got some donuts and blackberries from two other booths but ate them before I got a photo.

To find out more about this market you can go to their website:

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