Friday, November 22, 2013

CornucAupia Edible 24K Gold, Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.

Edible gold is nothing new but CornucAupia is new. It is the first American and Florida  based gold leaf manufacturing company. Co-owner CEO Denny Fisher, a former jeweler, said, “There are only six companies in the world that manufacture edible gold leaf and we are the first to perfect 24-Karat gold leaf.”
CornucAupia's edible 24K gold leaf on chocolate covered strawberry, 17th
Americas Food & Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.
I met Mr. Fisher at this the 17th Annual Americas Food & Beverage Show held at the Miami-Beach Convention Center last month. The company incorporates the element symbol for gold, "Au," right into its name.

Denny and Alla Fisher of CornucAupia Gold Leaf
Manufacturing Inc, 17th Annual Americas Food &
Beverage Show, Miami, Fla.
“Gold is a cooler idea than silver,” said Fisher, adding they also manufacture silver for toothpaste. And a little gold leaf goes a long way according to Fisher, “To cover the top of an eight inch cake it will take a fraction of a gram.”

They sell edible gold by the gram, as a powder, and in five styles of leaf. “Our products are more for high-end restaurants and weddings. They also make good presents,” said Fisher.

According to CornucAupia's business card/flyer scientific studies have found there are multiple health benefits from consuming gold like relieving the symptoms of arthritis, some cancers, Alzheimer’s and aging.

CornucAupia’s popular party favor size of edible gold leaf is the 100mg size that sells for $50. But no size is too small or big according to Fisher.

To find out more about CornucAupia Gold Leaf Manufacturing Inc. you can go to or call (941) 342-1817

You can also contact Fisher directly at

Or his business co-owner CEO Vlad Fedorov at

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