Monday, November 18, 2013

Florida Sourced Lamb & Mushroom Dish

There's nothing like good lamb except maybe lamb raised in Florida. Last month I stayed at Golden Acres Ranch in Monticello, Florida. They are a 68-acre pastured goat and sheep meat farm close to the Florida/ Georgia State line.
Pasture raised Florida lamb dish with mushrooms & winter wheat, Fla.

At the end of my stay I bought frozen lamb ribs and chops to take home.

I cooked them up with Oyster Island Mushrooms LLC (Vero Beach, Fla.) sourced white cap mushrooms, out-of-state sourced winter wheat and out-of-state sourced apples.

The lamb was a bit tougher than I expected probably because I cooked it too long. But it was an extremely flavorful chew.

To learn more about Golden Acres Ranch, go to

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