Monday, December 2, 2013

Golden Acres Ranch Farm Dinner, Monticello, Fla. Updated

Monticello, Fla.--Golden Acres Ranch held a farm-to-table dinner last month. It was in celebration of the 6th Annual New Leaf Market Coop’s self-driven farm tour. Thirty plus people turned up for a night of hay rides, music, wine, and food.
Guests gather at Golden Acres Ranch gourmet farm-to-table dinner,
Monticello, Fla.
This was the second year of the dinner. Last year it was so successful it inspired four other farms to put on the same style of dinner.

Many of the ingredients were sourced from surrounding farms including Golden Acres Ranch, a sheep and goat meat farm near the Florida/Georgia state line.
Steve Monroe grilling rabbit at Golden Acres Ranch Farm
gourmet farm-to-table dinner,  Monticello, Fla.
Bobby Golden, the owner of Golden Acres Ranch, even picked persimmons from her property to help Kim Davis of Tupelo's Bakery & Cafe make persimmon bread.

Ten Speed Greens Urban Farm salad mix with Golden Acres
Ranch persimmons, Golden Acres Ranch Gourmet
farm-to-table dinner, Monticello, Fla.
First course was a salad made with Ten-Speed Greens, Urban Farm salad greens and Golden Acres Ranch persimmons. This was accompanied by a very moist slice of persimmon bread.
Moroccan lamb soup, grilled barbecue rabbit, eggplant salad, and
sweet potato casserole at Golden Acres Ranch gourmet farm-to-table
dinner,  Monticello, Fla.
It was followed by a Moroccan lamb (from Golden Acres Ranch) soup with cous cousThis was quickly followed by finger licking barbecued rabbit, donated and cooked by Steve Monroe of Hallelujah Farms. 

There was also moist, roasted suckling pig (from Johnston's Meat Market) cooked by Rancho Grande. The sides consisted of grilled Seminole pumpkin, sweet potato casserole, and eggplant salad (made by Country Kitchen).

Golden's family served guests single portions as they became available. 

Persimmon cake, pecan pie and fresh whipped cream at Golden
Acres Ranch gourmet farm-to-table dinner, Monticello, Fla.
Dessert was made by Davis of Tupelo's Bakery & Cafe, Monticello. There was a delicious mix of pecan pie, pumpkin pie and persimmon cake topped with homemade whipped cream.

"Everyone had a great time," Bobby said at the end of the night.

The cost of the dinner was just $65 and well worth it.

If you want to participate in the 2014 dinner, go to

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