Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Memorable People In The Food Business, 2013

The past 12 months of 2013 have been memorable. The farms visits, festival visits and restaurants visits were great but it was the people that went beyond their calling that stood out the most. Here is a list of just a few of the standouts of 2013.

Antonio Fiorelli and Robert Kluson at 2012 vineyard-to-table lunch,
Bradenton, Fla., Copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Antonio Fiorelli Of Rosa Fiorelli Vineyard And Winery
Palermo, Italy, born Antonio Fiorelli was a happy, passionate wine maker who lived in Bradenton. He believed strongly in supporting and promoting grape growers and other farmers in his part of Florida.

Unfortunately he passed away on Dec 23, 2013, at age 66. But before he passed I was able to record a conversation with him about his Florida wines.

Grandma Yvonne Guerri and Donna Cohick at Black Gold
Jubilee, Belle Glade, Fla., copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Donna Cohick of Grandma's Just Plain Country Preserves
Owner Donna Cohick started her preserves business to raise funds for an educational scholarship in honor of her son who died in a car crash two-years ago. The JPC scholarship is for students who want to attend an agricultural school or technical college.

Maud Vareer, 1st certified uniform police woman of Belle Glade
Florida, copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Maud Vareer of Belle Glade
She was the first certified uniform police woman of Belle Glade, Florida, in 1958. She worked 37 and a half years before retiring. Now she and her church host an annual lunch to honor law enforcement officers in South Florida.

Steve Melton during tour of his Machinery museum, Dade City,
Fla., copyright 2013 by Helen A Lockey
Steve Melton of Dade City, Florida
Father, grandfather, rancher, educator, museum owner, charity promoter and poet, this Central Florida man wears many hats with humility that is to be envied.

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